LPM® Tool Ressource Management

LPM® manages the availability of resources that can be affected to multiple projects. Tool calculates a reliable, optimized and realistic planning.

Resources are the persons working on the project activities.
A resource can also be a group of persons (team) for which you do not want to manage individual detail.
You can manage this through the capacity of the resource, that can be greater than 1 (for a group of people) or less than 1 (for a person working part-time) .
The first step is to affect each resource to the projects on which it has to work, specifying the affectation rate (% of maximum weekly time spent on this project).
Then you can assign resources to project activities .
This means that some work is defined on this activity for the resource.
Only the resources affected to the project of the activity can be assigned to the activity.
To manage off days, you have a global calendar.
This calendar can be split into multiple calendars, to manage distinct availability types :
⇒ you can create a calendar “80% ” with every Wednesday as off day
⇒ you can manage distinct holidays when working with international teams.
Each resource is then assigned to a calendar.
Resources enter their time spent on the Real work allocation screen .
This allows for a real-time monitoring of work.
Moreover, updating the left work allows to recalculate the planning taking into account the actual progress on each task.