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We coach you in the areas of Individual Coaching (focus on personality development), Team Coaching (emphasis dealing with critical team constellation), Project Coaching (emphasis crisis projects, risks, solve problems).

We create no direct solutions but we support to develop your/their own solutions. We rely on proven structured methods of approach between coach and coachee (s). The targets range from the assessment and development of personal skills and perspectives on suggestions for self-reflection through to overcome conflicts with employees, colleagues or superiors. Here our coaches act as a neutral, critical interlocutor and use depending on the target methods from the entire spectrum of human resources and management development.

Management Coaching

We evaluate the most objective assessment of the actual skills using validated test methods and the use of multiple sources of information as, for example, 360 degree feedback, if available. We provide our clients before the critical challenge how different its current capabilities of the necessary skills, which are necessary for his personal and professional goals to implement the company’s strategic targets. Together propose measures leading to the development of future-oriented skills, with a focus on “action learning” (Active learning), because about 70 percent of learning (skills) by practicing (new roles and responsibilities, projects, etc.) to 20 percent done by role models (supervisors, friends, colleagues, etc.) and 10 percent through seminars, magazines, books, etc.. In order for the coaching measures can be assessed, we define before the coaching dimensional criteria for assessing performance. The measurement of results includes firstly the performance level (z. B. productivity and profitability) and the change in behavior of competences operationalized through concrete behavioral descriptions and thereby made measurable. We recommend monitoring the performance on an annual basis to perform.

Often managers want to practice a management style as a coach. It is, however, only just a buzzword for the traditional concept of relationship or person-oriented leadership. Under this approach the supervisor is less a directing and more supportive behavior. He advises its employees with problems, crises or special challenges. He also specifically promotes certain skills. With regard to the effectiveness of personal leadership style, there is no convincing evidence, according to which this leads to better results. That is why we are working towards a targeted with our clients to a collaborative management style, which activates individual commitment and promotes without giving up the freedom of maneuver.

Executive Coaching

Especially in senior positions as CEO or CFO of a company corporate neutral counseling can be almost impossible. In Executive Coaching, we act as personal adviser to the supervisor. Usually management positions are subject to many tensions and conflicts. In addition, managers often lack opportunities to speak both their leadership issues and about their business challenges with people they trust. Our coaching services can contribute to this work up problems with new perspectives and develop new skills.

And the higher rises a manager in the hierarchy, the falsified will turn the feedback, although feedback is very important, especially in top positions. Gary Yukl comments: “Having a coach provides the unusual opportunity to discuss issues and try out ideas with someone who can understand them and provide helpful, objective feedback and suggestions, while maintaining strict confidentiality”. Interim Manager and Coach, we agree on a so-called consulting relationship, which we apply a structured discussion based.

Um Ihnen und dem Coach zu ermöglichen, ob eine vertrauensvolle Beziehung aufgebaut werden kann, bieten wir die erste Coaching Einheit gratis. Dies machen wir zum einen, weil wir von unserem Konzept überzeugt sind und zum anderen um auch dem Cochee die Gelegenheit zu geben ob er sich mit unseren Methoden wohl fühlt.

Um Ihnen ein Angebot erstellen zu können, benötigen wir folgende Angaben von Ihnen:

To enable you and the coach if a relationship of trust can be built, we offer free first coaching session. We do this partly because we are convinced of our concept and to give our Client the opportunity to feels well with our methods.

To make you an offer, we need the following information from you:


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